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It's Summer Time!

I will be taking a hiatus in blog writing for the summer. The podcasts will continue, but the blogs will take a break until September. But I did not want to leave all of you without something to read. So here is a list of the books on my shelf which I have been or hope to get to this summer. Some are geeky theological works and others are relaxing summer reads.

The Gathering Storm by R Albert Mohler: Secularism, Culture and the Church (Just a heads up - this will be our Men's Theology book once we finish Why I'm Not an Arminian)

Why Science Does Not Disprove God by Amir D. Aczel

Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ by Michael S. Horton

Chosen in Christ: Revisiting the Contours of Predestination by Cornelius Venema

The Doctrine on Which the Church Stands or Falls: Justification in Biblical, Theological, Historical, and Pastoral Perspective edited by Matthew Barrett

I'm also reading the Ryria Revelations trilogy by Michael Sullivan and plan to watch A LOT of sports once it starts up again. Just so you don't think that I only read theology in my spare time.

If you do read one of these books this summer, I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a message below, send me an email or better yet, let's talk in person.

Soi Deo Glora


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