Rev. Dr. Jared Hiebert (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary)


Jared is passionate about proclaiming the glory of God in the church. He is an unashamed proponent of Reformed theology and is committed to seeing the gospel and Biblical truth boldly declared in the church through expositional preaching, theological education and discipleship.


In addition to his enthusiasm for good works of theology, church history and philosophy, Jared is an avid sports fan (the Denver Broncos & Montreal Canadiens top his list) and a lover of camping, golf, movies, gaming, and his two dogs Charlie (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) and Molly (Beagle).


Jared has been a pastor for many years and has taught at both the College and Seminary levels. He is currently an adjunct faculty at Millar College of the Bible in Winnipeg, MB, teaching in their theology department.

Jared holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Historical and Systematic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary.


You can check out his personal website at