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Hey Ladies!!!

What will women’s ministry at Covenant Reformed Church look like? That’s a good question. We have the unique opportunity to start a ministry from scratch and establish the focus from the outset, rather than being forced to incorporate inherited expectations and traditions from past eras.

So what is our focus? CRC’s women’s ministry will be modeled after the ministry Titus gave to the older women in his church—one that would teach and train women how to live out the gospel in their homes, their church, and their community. We want to display the glory of God in our distinctive roles as women.

We want to be women moulded and shaped according to God’s perfect design: discovering, delighting in, and embracing His p

erfect plan for biblical womanhood. As women who love Jesus and who are rooted in and enabled by His gospel, we are serious about bringing our thoughts and actions in line with what the Bible says about who we are and how we ought to live.

We will spend time in studying the Bible to learn about biblical womanhood. We will encourage and stand by each other in our roles as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, co-workers, etc. We will also have times of focused prayer: for the children in our lives, our families, our church leaders, and those in our lives who need to hear the gospel. I believe God is specifically calling the women of CRC to be women of fervent, trusting prayer. We’ll set aside time to grow in this area!

Will we have teas and fashion shows? Make perogies and quilts? Probably not. While these activities can have merit, in my experience they easily distract and take precious time away from true discipleship and growth. Not to say that we won’t have fun – I am a firm believer in women having great times together over coffee, and also in non-stuffy, engaging activities (think wall-climbing, golf, skating nights, etc... no need to be an athlete-just have a willingness to give something a try or come to cheer on those who do. Embracing a challenge together builds relationships!).

To start this ministry, we will set aside time to grow in relationship with each other. Let’s enjoy each other’s company, so that, as Pastor Jared said in his first message at Covenant Reformed Church, we can develop an awareness of each other’s needs, take the fellowship to the next level, and create a foundation for Biblical discipleship.

Watch for details on upcoming coffee nights, daytime playground get-togethers (for all ages, but the kids can play while we connect), and other gatherings. Invite your friends, and let’s watch God build a unique, gospel-based ministry for His glory.

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