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One down; ? to go!

I have to admit, I'm pretty pumped about our first service on Sunday morning. What a great first meeting! Seeing all the people that came to join us for our first service was very encouraging. I'm truly grateful to be a part of Covenant Reformed Church and I'm looking forward to what God will do among us as we continue to be faithful to his leading.

Just a reminder of what the sermon was about so that we can make sure to live out what we talked about from Acts 2:42-47. We talked about 5 things that God wants of us as a church:

  1. We are to be an obedient church - We must be willing to follow God's direction at all points, no matter where he leads us,

  2. We are to be an apostolic church- We find God's direction in Scripture. The Bible needs to take the primary place in CRC.

  3. We are to be a fellowshipping church - We must have times of enjoyment together that build relationships. But our fellowship must have a purpose - to disciple each other with the gospel.

  4. We are to be a worshipping church - We must be deliberate in celebrating the sacraments together and in praying together.

  5. We are to be a reproductive church - We need to actively seek to grow the church through our gospel witness - both to those who attend churches that are void of the gospel and to those who are unbelievers. Remember, ours is the obedience, God's is the result.

May God find us faithful.

Just a few things to pray about this week.

  1. Unity - pray that God unites us in what is truly important and gives us grace in things that don't matter to the Kingdom.

  2. Health - pray that God builds relationships quickly in our church.

  3. Our legal situation - we are seeking incorporation and charitable status. Pray that this moves quickly.

  4. Growth - pray that God grows our church with people who desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria


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