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Sermon questions and dates

July 1     What is the Difference between Religion and Christianity? – Pastor Jared

July 8     What is the Big Deal about Communion? – Marc Moir

July 15     What Do We Know About Heaven? - Scot Moir

July 22     Where Was God When the Bus Crashed? (Problem of Evil) - Pastor Jared 

July 29     What Should Our Attitude be Toward the Second Coming? – Pastor Jared

August 5     What Do We Do With the Sabbath Commandment? – Pastor Jared 

August 12     What Does it Mean That the Man is the Head of the Home? - Pastor Jared

August 19     What is the Big Deal About Baptism? - Brandon Friesen 

August 26     What Do We Know About Hell? – Stu Reimer

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